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Go Sugbu! When in Cebu, do as the Cebuanos do. And the best way to do it is to go “Sugbu!” Cebu’s Spanish name “Sugbu” is a source of trivia. Some say it evolved from the Malay phrase “to walk on water.” Others think that it originated from the Malay word “Sebu,” which means “full” or “having in abundance.” Regardless of what it actually means, Sugbutel, seeking inspiration from the word “Sugbu” provides travelers with opportunities to explore Cebu and its famous beaches and exquisite cuisine, without breaking the bank. You can soak up the sun and “walk on water”. You can sample a variety of foods – street food, homemade, specialty Filipino cuisine, and local delicacies – and end up with a “full stomach”. All these you can do without paying too much attention on cost. After all, when you’ve got a place to stay for as low as P265 per night, you’re free to experience Cebu at its best. And that’s what we hope to do for each of our guests that enter through our doors. Sugbutel continues to create better ways for the traveler by coming up with innovations to meet your varying travel needs. In 2009, we started out as a hostel, and now we’ve expanded our services to include hotel rooms. And we’re not stopping there. As long as there are travelers who have unmet accommodation needs, we’ll always be here to make sure your stay at Cebu is an unforgettable “Sugbu!” experience. Facilities & Services: - Restaurants - Convenience Store - Vendo Machine - Locker Rentals & Baggage Counter - Atrium - Coin PC - Security CCTV Cameras - 24-hour Security - 24-hour Back-up Generator - Free Parking Space